Jul 18, 2008

Capital Ex

Today was the day promised to Taylor last year! I have gotten out of going to the exibition for a few years now....but last year it did not go unnoticed! I had to promise a day a Carni Fun in 2008.

We got an early start and opened the gates at 12:00noon and left 8 1/2 hours later! Go figure!

Taylor and I had a great day just hanging out together and taking in the sites, sounds and smells!

Although not ride hungry like I was at the same age, I managed to convince him to go on some he'd never been on before. Some were a bit higher, faster and gave him a thrill....

So after such a great day spent with my boy, I could almost be convinced to join him again next year...although it might be nicer if he'd treat! Nothing like an Exibition to such the twoonies out of your pocket! Ouch!

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