Jul 9, 2008


Time to share some of my peonies with you! We have now lived in Sherwood Park for eight years, same house, same job, same garden. Although we have changed many things with the house and yard, the garden remains pretty much as it was when we moved here. Yes we have moved things slightly...but not much. There are things I love about the garden and many things I really just don't like but have not yet dealt with them. One thing I LOVE are my peonies!

They line the side of our house and bring me much joy when they start to burst open! They literally...BURST! The buds on these almost pulse when it's time to bloom!

So for a short period of time in June, I have a wall of pink and white peonies to enjoy. Their size, smell and beauty would even be the envie of my "green-thumbed" dad.

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