Aug 29, 2008

All Together Again

So Bill and Taylor are back from Ottawa and we're all together again. I think having time apart makes everyone appreciate the other that much more. I had some crazy days at work this week (last couple of weeks of August always are in a dental office) and it was nice to come home on those days and not worry about feeding and cleaning up after others! That being said it was so nice to hug Taylor again...and of course Bill too.

Tomorrow we'll head out for some camping at Miquelon Provincial Park. We could have a trailer full as we anticipate four more bodies to join us. So even though the evenings may be cool (-1 on Saturday), we should have enough body heat to keep us all toasty! Hopefully there will be no rain as that many in the trailer during the day is not as much fun as sleeping that many. Will keep you posted on how the trip goes!

Back on Monday, then the routine of school starts. I think Taylor is anxious to get back and see his friends and catch up on lost time! Grade eight already! SIGH! It has gone by too fast! Thankfully I have my scrapbooking to keep the memories fresh! Happy Labour Day weekend...Enjoy!

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