Mar 13, 2009


It's hard to believe that 2 weeks have already gone by since we've been back from our trip. It seems so wrong at some level that the wait seems so long and the event is done in no time! Fortunately all the pictures I've taken will keep me in the moment for some time.
We came back to some brutal winter weather. When we landed it was -18C with a crazy windchill and that weather stayed with us until yesterday. We have broken some 50 year records (sadly on the minus side of 0) over the past week. Wednesday was -47C at the airport with windchill! The exhaust fog was so bad on the way to work that morning....HELLO! this is March not January!
Anyhow, all I can do is complain because I certainly don't have the means to change it! My whining has been in very good company! This morning it is already it will be a great day...just because!
I've been adding more pictures to the SmugMug site, so feel free to check them out...still have lots to go through and's a labour of love. Taylor finally put his on his computer last night and was busy sharing some on Face Book. I was pleased that he took so many pictures, he has a pretty good eye.
Well I'm off to clean up for the day, have some errands to run and calls to make. Will get the dogs out this afternoon for a good walk again...they will be in their glory! HUGS for now....

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