Apr 4, 2009

Off Leash

Once again we went to the dogs favorite place to be next home ( I hope)! The off leash area just south our our subdivision is a great place to go play HARD! Bella has energy to spare and just lets it all go while we're there. Fortunately for us she loves to run but loves us more, and will never be out of our sight for long. Especially if she wants to fetch balls which is, well, ALWAYS! I have never met such a ball obsessed dog as her...she could go for hours, and often does! Her speed is unbelievable, people are continuously amazed at how fast she can travel. We have not yet met her match and she can keep track of both her balls and others like no ones business! Give her a third ball and she'll find a way to get them all in her mouth...especially if she thinks Java may want one of them!

Java is just Java. Happy to be doing her thing and always close by as well. She still manages to surprise us with her will to keep up with other dogs. At 10years old she's doing just fine! She is a true example of why dogs are " Man's Best Friend"... always loyal to us and by our side! Love this girl. Here is a link to more pictures of our wonderful four legged friends if you are interested: DOGS

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