Apr 24, 2009

Photography Course

So I am once again taking an on-line photography course. This time it is on portraits! Am really enjoying it, and feel it will challenge me quite a bit! It is being taught by Allison Tyler Jones and she is a powerhouse of energy!

What I really like about her style is that she is about having her portraits show a relationship or emotion instead of the typical "who, what, where" stand and look at the camera shot. We have just started week four of a twelve week course and I am feeling that this week is going to be a tough assignment. I have to find a photo that inspires me (whether it's the lighting, compositon, emotion,etc...) and then take a picture with my own point of view (NOT copying) based on the inspiration! I may have to call on some neighbour's kids to help me out. One can only take so many pictures of Bill, Taylor and the dogs before their will to be in front of a camera is sucked out of them! LOL!

Wish me luck on improving my skills, and I'll keep you posted on how this assignment goes!

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