Aug 27, 2009

Taylor's Home Town Boy!

Just wanted to share a link to Taylor's Sidney Crosby Pictures. He took these while we were in Nova Scotia. Sid the Kid was there on his birthday for a big parade. Taylor joined about 80000 people out to catch a glimps of there star player!
We warned Taylor not to be dissappointed by not getting an autograph as there would be thousands of people at the parade and closing ceremonies! Never did I imagine there would be this many show for the event! Anyhow, long story short....Taylor & Bill spent the day patiently waiting for Sidney and the Stanley Cup entourage. He managed to get a few decent shots and lots of blurry ones too! Icing on the cake...imagine my surprise when he came home with 2! signatures on his Stanley Cup Hat. Crosby & Talbot! This could just be his "kucky life"! I was thrilled for him and loved seeing the excitement as he told his story and showed off his hat!

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