Dec 10, 2009

December 10th already!

My life seems to be whizzing by me these days! Last time I checked I was sure it was Halloween, now we are into December already! November was a blur to me. We had way too much on our calender, with no time to think. I don't function well like that. I need down time to refresh and organize things, it's what makes me me! Needless to say I was quite happy to rip that page off my calender to bring in December!

Although I am behind on my Christmas to-do list, I am enjoying my evenings at home! Our tree is up and loooks great. I always love hanging up all the little ornaments that I have collected since I was about 15years old. Everyone seems to have a story associated with it...I love that! It is by no means a "Home & Garden" tree but it is ours and I'm not trading it in anytime soon!

Tomorrow my carpets are getting cleaned...a well needed task! Miss Bella should be done tracking in dirt from the garden for a few months as we are well into an Alberta deep-freeze! Winter has hit with a vengence, I am tired of it already...and officially it's not even here yet! ARGHH! I look forward to moving the furniture around a bit tomorrow to freshen things up a bit.

Stay warm and drive safe on our crazy winter roads!

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