Mar 26, 2010

Bienvenue a Paris!

So after a very early start to our morning (4:15am), we got Taylor off to the airport to meet up with his French class for their Spring Break trip to Paris!

They should now be in Toronto, waiting for their evening flight to get on it's way! I'm am so excited for him and everything he is about to see. I'm not sure if he quite has a handle on all the history and sights awaitng him! I look forward to hearing his sories and hopefully seeing lots of pictures!

We'll see if he gets a chance to call home or remembers! If not, I will accept that No news is Good news! It's a bit tough sending him on his way without us to such a far away destination, but I know he is in good hands! Sadest part of my morning was only getting "half" a hug from him before he went through customs. He was trying to keep his cool around his friends and teachers! I get that! But would have loved a big ol' bear hug goodbye! *SIGH*

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