Apr 30, 2010

Bull River Guest Ranch!

So I'm packed and ready (I think, I hope) for a weekend of fun at a scrapbooking retreat in British Columbia! We are heading to a spot that I have heard so much about over the past year, Bull River Guset Ranch! Location, Location, Location and a chef with food to kill for!
I look forward to some great laughs with this group of friends and the opportunity to meet a few new ones! If I'm lucky I may even get some scrapbook pages done...that is yet to be seen. All of my gear is sitting by the door, and my camera is on board. I'll post some pictures when I get back....

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mow180 said...

I am so glad you came. There is a magnet that attracts lovely women to Bull River. ( Ahem, said without meaning myself. LOL, patting back ) I have never had a bad time at the ranch and feel so lucky to have met you. Thank Connie for bringing you please.