Apr 11, 2010

Settled in again...

So Taylor has now been back from his trip to France for a week. His internal clock has reset again to Edmonton time and he has connecting with all his friends again!

It was great to hear all his stories, good and not so good. I think he had a great time, though was ready to get back home and enjoy his favorite, although limited, foods!I think that is what he struggled with the most! He had no issues with losing camera or passports and everything that went with him came home! Not sure if every parent was that lucky!

He took some great pictures,feel free to take a peek. I was pretty impressed with his shots. We may have a budding photographer on our hands...I'd love him to take an interest as he did a good job!

It has also been prety neat to hang out with him this week. He has been super responsible this past week and THANKFUL for everything! I like that. We'll have to send him away more often! *LOL* It's almost like he's enjoying hanging out with us...we'll enjoy it while it lasts! He'll be 15 next week and has a few more teenage years ahead of him!

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