Jun 12, 2010

Grade Nine Farewell

So last night marked another milestone in Taylor's life. His school hosted the 2010 Grade Nine Farewell ceremonies...next year High School! It amazes me that 10 years of his schooling is done. didn't he just start Kindergarden????? Yes those years certainly do seem to go by faster!
This week began the rollercoaster ride of should I or shouldn't I go? Taylor was definitely on the fence. I tried to stay out of his decision, other than saying he will only have 1 grade nine farewell (we hope!!).
Wednesday-I dunno
Friday-I'll go to the ceremonies!
Note that I found out 3:45 pm. Ceremony starts at 6:00pm. "Mom...I need a black shirt & tie...and maybe some black pants"
Trying to hold back my parent anger...I had asked him all week NOT to decide at the last minute...we were in the car and off to the mall. "Mom I think I need my hair trimmed too"....SURE! cause we have all the time in the world to hang out at the mall!
Long story short....he cleaned up very well! and seeing him looking so fine made all the frustration go away!

The ceremony was just enough time. Was great seeing all his friends dressed so fine. There was definetly a huge mix of clothing. Some a bit over the top for a grade nine farewell, but they all were having fun!

So I guess that was our parent training for the real deal in 3 years! May all of Taylor's friends stay true to themselves. They are a fabulous group of kids!

For more pictures, head to my SMUGMUG gallery. I don't have all up yet, so check back again.

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