Jul 4, 2010

Devonian Gardens...

On Friday, my friend Connie and I hauled our kids to the Devonian Gardens for a day of picture taking and hanging out with our kids. I think the kids all had a pretty good time despite walking around the gardens. There was lots for them to see and plenty of space to run if the urge came over them!
One of the highlights for all of us (except Taylor) was the butterfly exhibit. So many beautiful butterflies, but not so many that the skeemish (Taylor) couldn't handle it! Connie and I had lots of opportunity to get some great shots.

The two other indoor exhibits were also intriguing...cactus and bromelian. The kids were all pretty impressed with the many cactus plants and their amazing blooms. I was pretty amazed myself at the varieties, many could take the lead role in a "Men in Black' movie. One of the flowers looked just like a star fish...pretty cool!

The Japanese garden offered a stream and rock climbing, though I kind of remember reading a sign " NO CLIMBING ROCKS"...how can you expect 4 boys not to play in water surrounded by rocks???? They were respectful of the space while doing a little off trail climbing...heck I think I did too!

From there, we had some lunch before heading to the second part of the gardens. Here the boys took in the maze and and a little horsing around the castle.

Next we headed over to the creek, although it was dried up, and finally over to the Alpine garden which was stunning. Little trails meandered up and down the garden...just a nice place to be.

By this time the guys had had enough of the garden viewing and were ready to get on their way! Taylor and Alex were anxious for an ice cream promised to them at lunch!
It was just a NICE day! Lots of pictures and no complaining from any boys! For more pictures of our day, check out my SmugMug link!

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