Sep 19, 2010

Time for change

I am ready to update the walls that surround us! We have lived in this house for ten years with the same colors and they are growing OLD!! I took the plunge for the first time to have an interior decorator come in to offer some input. It was a great idea!

I have really felt stumped with ways to move forward on the decorating front as our furniture is old and dated BUT functional. Not quite ready to fork out the money to replace everything I don't like but needed to find colors and ideas to help with the transition that may take place over a few years! So now I have a plan that won't break the bank.

Bill seems to be on board for the most part, but definitely not as gungho to get "a movin". Yesterday I moved some furniture around as was suggested and took down some dated ivy from our kitchen. It's a start! Today some large items got out to the curb for Big Item garbage pickup this week. This week I/we? will decide what room to paint first, so the wall prep can be done. It's a long painting road when Bill chooses to do it himself, the longer we wait the longer it takes! Have to take the bull (or the BILL?) by the horn and move on!

Once the painting is done, we'll look at lighting, cabinet hardware, small tiling job...all doable things! I'm excited!

Wish us argument free decorating...these are tough times on a marriage!

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s. said...

your blog looks super cute! i'm in your class...i love your happy art...too cute! :)