Jan 28, 2011

checking in....

No exciting title today and really nothing exciting to post. Life has been busy. It amazes me how fast the days have gone by despite being winter. Here we are already into the last of January. January is one of those months I am happy to see fly by. I have never been a winter  person and suspect I will never come to love it. Although I do make a conscious effort to complain less about it!

As we get ready to head into February our days are obviously longer and brighter, one of the things I have to admit that I love about life in Alberta. As quickly as those days shorten in December, so the opposite occurs. I can feel a sense of relief when I leave work in daylight and know now that almost a year will have to pass before that happens again! YEAH!

Lots of snow kicking around here these days, but a week of warmer weather was a nice reprieve from the cold. Our driveway is down to bare concrete (a great accomplishment) and ready for the next bout of winter to hit...someone told me to expect February to offer the same amount of snow we got in January. Not sure where we'll put it...but bring it on!

So signing off for now, have to get Taylor up and about for a physio appointment. Hockey has been rough on his body and my brain this year! Couple more months of it and we can move into a sport with less body contact!

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Anonymous said...

I am ready for less snow too! It's pretty, but only for a while, ha! :-)