Feb 20, 2011


Brrr...we have had such a cold, bitter week. Although the sun has been shining brightly, it hasn't had enough allurement to call me out for a walk. So I have been going on the treadmill and doing my Yoga once a week, it's been okay! For me that is!
Bella is another story. Running out in the backyard just isn't enough, but her paws bother her when she's out and about. Today she was pacing and whining to get out, almost like she had no control to stop. I have heard of people taking their dogs on the treadmill and thought...what have we got to lose? Taylor, Bill, Bella & I headed downstairs for an attempt. Bella was not quite loving the idea, but her tail was still wagging! To our surprise, she did pretty good! We learned quickly that she needed the speed to be higher than I would use and we increased the incline! After 15 minutes we stopped her and to our excitement, we had her panting, the whining stopped and she worked out the cobwebs! This will definitely be a trick we keep up our sleeves! Check it out (click on picture to view video):

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