Jul 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Just another day in rainy Sherwood Park, not really. We woke to a fantastic storm this morning around 6:00am. One of the first good summer storms of the year for Sherwood Park, though certainly not for Alberta. The sky was orange and eerie and the the thunder sounded angry as it it approached. The storm system stuck around for about two hours, I found it almost hypnotic as I laid in bed listening to it. Managed to get up to shut some windows, then curled back under my covers to enjoy. Was a nice morning NOT to be getting ready for work.

Tonight I was looking around CTV's Facebook page and found this awesome picture posted from a fellow in Edmonton. Really captured the storm front beautifully!
photographed by: Moslem Noori

We seem to be in such a weather rut the past months. Since June 1st we are at something like 35/45 days of "measurable" rain. People are just fed up with this weather. To boot we have optimal mosquito breeding conditions! Never in all my life have I experienced anything like this, I am soon going to wear DEET outdoors and in! It's that bad! You know when "our" skeeters make the National News at 11:00pm...it's pretty bad!

All this weather has left some time for scrapbooking which usually gets put on the sideburner over the summer. Here are a few pages I have worked on since June.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Nova Scotia pics form last fall
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
back in the day, Lahr, Germany
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
3 generations of Gowdy's
Cows Creamery tour and tasing (of course!), PEI, 2010, the
icecream anyone?
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Autumn in Mahone Bay, NS

Took in a bit of the Street Buskers on Sunday, though we only caught the closing show! Good timing as it highlighted the buskers who showed up, each did a short act so was a good over view!

Starting to get ready for our summer holidays, two weeks until we go! May the weather at the cottage be more to rave about! Signing off for now!


Ivana Camdzic said...

Hi Kim!!! It was SO great to meet you at TM! I had such a blast taking Ingvild's classes, and I am so happy to walk away with all that knowledge and a couple of new friends! Love your beautiful blog and hope that you'll come visit us in Stoon and check out our store once it opens! Sending many hugs!
p.s. Thanks for letting me use your Scotch tape :)

KellyCreates said...

Good for you to BEAT those mosquitoes and rain by scrapbooking! Wonderful pages, Kim!