Jun 3, 2012

June 3, 2012

So, it's been so long since I last posted I almost forgot how to find my way around blogger! But here I am...all ready to share a few words and maybe some pictures as well!

Last time I posted was in March...somehow in my world I lost April! I do not remember what happened or where it went and I also never got around to changing some of my calenders...I went from March to May! I don't like it when that happens, because I sense I lost control of my schedule somehow! Now, here we are in June! If you're wondering...May was good!

May was good because it started out with a scrapbooking retreat in Pincher Creek with a great group of friends. This has become a yearly event, though this year we were at a new venue! It proved to be a wonderful spot, well set up for the eight of us who attended, great food, comfy digs and a little private store if we needed to shop! Although we missed all our friends from Bull River, there was no shortage of laughs to be shared or wine to be emptied! Sometimes I don't feel overly productive at these weekends, but would not trade them for anything!
What we got to look at each day at our retreat!

Jayme...enjoying the view!

Something about an old building, a fence and the prairies!

Taylor has been busy with school, drum lessons, ball hockey [though we are currently on a 3 game suspension for fighting!] and driver's lessons! I am becoming less stressed driving with him and he is proving himself to be a  pretty good driver. He's not too fond of me driving with him though as he thinks i offer too much...*sigh*! I think I stress him out! Bill is much more patient than I when it comes to sitting on the side lines! Most of May left Taylor unemployed as Cora's was shut down due to a fire in the strip mall, it took 3 weeks for utilities to be turned on. He's happy [in a relative sense] to be back to work and topping up his bank account again. It's amazing how quickly money is gone!

Bill and I also celebrated our 23rd anniversary in May. Quite the accomplishment...something Bill should be proud of...I'm not the easiest  person to live with 24/7! Here's to many more...maybe even 23 more!

May went so fast because there was so much going on! It was also a month that took lots of our hard earned money away! Broken living room window compliments of Taylor and a ball hockey ball, new stove, new dishwasher and lots of vet bill! Java had some surgery on her foot and Bella had a tumour removed which has just been diagnosed as cancerous! That breaks my heart! Tomorrow we go in to do more testing to see what will happen next and how we have to treat it! She is the four-legged love of my life, my fingers are crossed that the outcome is great!

Bella rocking the cone of shame!

Having a great snooze after a big walk!

By the way, in the process of all our chaos, Spring has come and our world is beautiful again! You've got to LOVE the silver lining that is SPRING!

Too bad you don't have a "scratch & sniff" screen!

Apple blossom love!

Pelicans are back and seem to be sticking around!

That's just about enough for now! Signing off...Happy June!

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