Oct 14, 2012

October 14, 2012

WINE DOWN for October 2012 is now just a fun memory from last night! As usual lots of laughs were had with Connie, Ron, Sue, Rob, Bill & myself.

Shauna and Norm were missing from the evening, but hopefully had a well deserved, peaceful evening at home. They have been burning the candle at both ends with work, kids and family illness and needed some downtime. Hugs to you both!

So our wine of choice for last night was a Chianti. We all showed up and tucked our bottles into my new designer wine bags! Who knew that black Calvin Klein socks would do the trick so wonderfully! They will be washed and used solely for wine!

New designer wine bags, if Shauna & Norm were with us it would have read
 Before settling in for some essential wine tasting, we pulled out some spectacles and 'staches for a more serious approach to the task ahead! As you can see, we are very profound in our commitment to assess the worthiness of our wines!
Sue & Rob

Connie & Ron

Kim & Bill
So after lots of sniffing, tasting and pondering the wines we drank were revealed. Shown in order of preference below! We had 1-Nipozzano and 2-DaVinci's! Three of us preferred the Nipozzano, two preferred the DaVinci in bag "N" and one preferred the DaVinci in bag "I". We consider it a tie! 
The Reveal
I think we can all agree that Chiantis are not one of our favourite wines. Although easy to drink, they didn't offer up a whole lot of flavour or interest. As Connie put it...they were all "a bit week in the knees"! I think we were all expecting something with a bit more "body" or fullness to it. This is what Wine Downs are all about!

Interestingly enough, this is one of the few times that the most expensive bottle came in on the top! Connie & Ron's Nipozzano was about $21. Both Davincis were about $17.

One important lesson learned was how well red wine comes out of freshly cleaned off white carpet! Somehow during the course of a conversation...MY wine jumped out of my glass all over the floor! Looked like a murder scene...this morning you would never know!

Thanks guys for making a wonderful evening out of my Saturday night!

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