Jan 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

So already, 13 days into January and I am behind on my 365 photo challenge! I only took 5/7 pictures last week and yesterdays is still on my iPhone!

We had a hockey incident with Taylor last night that took us to emergency then off to Grey Nun's Hospital in Edmonton by ambulance for x-rays! Fortunately Taylor was home last night with no fractures or neck issues...but has a nasty concussion and sore neck from being in spasm! I don't think his bed ever felt better after being strapped to a flat board for over 4 1/2 hours! A little too much excitement for a Sunday evening!

So here are my pictures for the week, nothing exciting! This time of the year does not pull at my photo heart strings! With a non co-operative 17 year old in front of the camera I am sometimes grasping at photo ideas! This is part of my want to try a photo a day, so I can "find" interest in everyday life!

as seen on Facebook, Taylor has no use for a closet
these little guys flock to our feeders, 20-30 at a time
playing with low-light, I don't think the "B" stands for Bill  :-)
some more low-light practice


KellyCreates said...

Glad to hear Taylor's injuries are not the worst...but every injury is a nightmare I think. yikes. Beautiful photos, Kim! I love the fruit bowl :)

Barb King said...

Nice one of the fruit. i love the colors.