Apr 12, 2015

Blog slacker!

What a blog slacker I am! Really.....six months between posts??? What's with that? Actually, my blog falls pretty low on my priority list, but I do like to keep it going. It's a nice place to come for a sneak peek at what's going on in the big picture, unlike Facebook which is so in the moment. I like Facebook because it's so quick and easy, sometimes I think life is too much about easy!

Most often my blog has been a place to share my layouts that I have created. These days blog posts, page calls and assignments with Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine keep my creative juices flowing. It gets a bit unsettling a times though when the mojo takes a break! Fortunately there are always sketches to fall back on.

Here are the layouts I have created using the Sketchy Challenges through Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine since I last posted:

Here's a link to my member gallery if you are interested in knowing what products I used for each layout.   http://canadianscrapbooker.ca/sketchy/member.php?uid=10&protype=1

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