Sep 7, 2008

Command Center

So! Have you ever looked at people's fridges? Way more interesting than medicine cabinets! (not that I look or care)
I vowed in my early years as a new home owner never to have the junked up fridge I had seen in many homes. I would have the Martha Stewart fridge! No finger prints, always spotless and not one piece of paper would find it's way to my fridge!
Welcome to the real world!
My fridge has become what I never wanted! (like many things in my life). I don't know how it happened but it did! It has evolved!
At first it was a simple picture Taylor had drawn or colored, what kind of mother refuses to put that picture on the fridge for everyone to see! When you have nothing else on your fridge, that picture takes on a life of its fridge has become the Picture Shrine!
Next, it was the note Bill needed to see, a message taken while he was out. The most obvious place to stick it was the fridge! Everyone will open the fridge door at some point in the day...therefore the note will be read and dealth with, then immediately thrown away (leaving the fridge free of clutter again).
The rest is history.
As I mentioned the fridge has evolved! I still wish for the clutter free fridge. It has now become our Command Center, it dictates by means of the family calendar, where everyone is going, what they are doing! At any given time you will find pictures of family and friends who live too far away...I can't get together with them often, BUT I see them everyday! Taylor's Christmas gift to me from last year is on the fridge...a Mom Mood Indicator...very important info for Bill and Taylor! There are important phone numbers listed in the event of an emergency...easy to find next to the phone! Tickets to a Sheryl Crow concert are attached to a magnetic clip....they will not be lost, because I see them everyday! There is a signed picture of Pisani (#34 Oiler's) that has a slightly chewed corner (thank you Bella)...a safe home until it finds it's way to Taylor's room. Although Taylor no longer draws pictures for me to hang, my neighbour's daughter of course her drawing hangs on the "Picture Shrine".
I don't know when I'll have my Martha Stewart Fridge, but I'm really okay with the one I have now. It reminds me on a daily basis how lucky I am to be surrounded by great friends and family. It reminds me that we are fortunate to have the means to have lunch dates, hockey games and photography courses.
Who ever thought a FRIDGE could hold such power!
What's on your fridge?

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