Oct 29, 2008


Is there such a thing as too many puppies? I don't think so...as long as you get to play,cuddle and share lots of lovins with them before heading back home to the two beauties that wait with wagging tails. My friend Connie's neighbour has her hands full with seven puppies and their Mom, especially now that the puppies are old enough to want and need play time! She is one of those special people who has taken on the job of fostering this abandoned four-legged family before adoptive homes are found for all. The seven puppies are now five weeks old and cute beyond words! We had the pleasure of sharing in a "play date" with them, to help tucker them out! A fine job was done! Needless to say Taylor was in puppy heaven, although I have to admit, I too can't deny feeling many warm fuzzies myself! The only thing better than cuddling with puppies would be my memories of cuddling with Taylor as a baby ...of course those days are long gone!
We look forward to hopefully a couple more play dates with the puppies before they find their permanent homes. Hopefully they will be homes with kids...there is nothing sweeter than watching kids of all ages share in the playtime of puppies.
Puppies (any pet!) have mysterious way of warming the hearts of all who have the pleasure of holding them. They offer unconditional love to those who shelter and feed them. The joy is only compounded when you choose to make one a family member...they will be a true friend for life! Fortunately,Taylor understands that these puppies are for others to adopt, not us! We have our hands full with Java (9yrs) and Bella (1yr). Given the opportunity though...he'd take them all!

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