Nov 5, 2008

4675 Black Rock Road

Finally after what has been the longest closing ever...we are now the new owners of a cottage property on the Bay of Fundy! YAH!
Not wanting to tempt fate I have hesitated to make claim or send out any pictures of the cottage for fear it might fall through!
Now, however I can share our joy with everyone who has been asking about the property. It is a beautiful lot north of Waterville, about 25minutes from my parents place in Cambridge, Nova Scotia . Black Rock Road runs in front of our property and a few steps further you are over the cliff! Be careful!
We look forward to spending a couple weeks each summer there for many years to come. We also hope to rent it out a few weeks each summer to help offset taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. So if you know of anyone who may be interested, feel free to let us know!
I am grateful that my parents have offered to help us maintain things while we are so far away. Hopefully they will gets some enjoyment from the cottage as well...all work and no fun would not sit well with us!

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Connie Nichol said...

hey, congratulations!!!!!!!!! How exciting and it looks just gorgeous!!!!