Dec 26, 2008

Another Christmas!

Hard to believe but another Christmas has now come and gone. Once again we had a great day spent hanging out in our PJ's opening presents and spending time on the phone with family back home in Ontario & Nova Scotia. Taylor was kind enough to let me sleep until shortly after 8:00am, though he was up at 6:30am. This is true progress in maturity! as he usually is chomping at the bit to get into his stocking and presents! He showed real restraint in not waking me sooner!

Taylor kept busy with Rock Band 2 while I prepared some dinner yummies and Bill had his token snooze on the couch while life happened around him! We headed over to Jody & Dan's for a 6:00pm dinner which was just perfect! Our bellies were full of turkey, perogies, cabbage rolls, salad, trifle and all the other goodies set out to eat. The company was great and Taylor was thrilled to enjoy a meal of spagetti with Bailey.

This was an evening of comfort and fun. Everyone in comfy clothes enjoying each other company and lots of good food! Had the pleasure of meeting Jody's sister from Red Deer, who was so nice, one of those people you feel like you've known forever. Jody's mom (AKA Mama) was also there, who I have come to love, she always makes me laugh...Jody has come by her great personality very naturally! Love this family!

So now we have a few days grace before New Year's Eve. We'll have a few families over to bring in 2009, should be lots of fun. May be too cold to take in to fire works this year - we'll have to see what's in store for weather then! Hope everyone's Christmas was a good one!

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