Feb 18, 2009

gone in 10 hours!

Or bags are packed! Laundry is done! Electronics are charged! Dogs have been run! Homework is organized! Shoulders and back have been massaged!...not the relaxation kind! Wine is in the glass and I'm about to run an epsom salt bath!

What a day! Work was crazy busy trying to finish things up so I didn't leave things undone. I am so ready for our vacation. I have missed a few calls tonight as I have not stopped..hopefully I'll be forgiven!

Taylor is so excited, but I don't think anyone is as excited as me. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas to come...though with a bit more maturity ( I think?!) Bill has promised to leave his cell at home so work can not find him!

So, I'll sign off for now and let you all know how our trip was when we return on the 28th!

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