Feb 13, 2009

It's getting close!

So one week from today we'll be in Miami getting ready for an Everglades tour! Depending on the time we're back we may try to take in the Parrot Jungle as recommended by my Uncle John. Looks like it would also make for a fun outing. So much to see so little time.

I am trying to get our packing done this week-end as we up work to the day before we leave, so I have to be organized. Taylor has decided he needs another swim suit so we may go this afternoon to see what we can find. I have been checking out the Cruise website and we're getting very excited. Each stop has lots of different excursions we can take part in, so we'll have to narrow down our favorites!

The scrapbooking group I'm joining while there is blogging daily with tidbits of information to tease us with. Sounds like they have tons planned for us and the sponsors have been very generous. It will be like Christmas for us I think! We've been told to allow lots of extra space in our bags for lugging all our goodies home...Can't Wait!

Otherwise all is well in our world! Bill has been busy with work, Taylor with school, hockey and his social life and I am never with a shortage of things to do. Between work, my hobbies and keeping Bill and Taylor organized...my days are full, everyone should be as lucky!

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