Feb 5, 2009

The Countdown Is On!

So we are now into our final two weeks before our cruise and I am really getting excited! Taylor is thrilled to be joining us and even happier to have a week off school! Can't say I blame him. Although the weather has been very agreeable the past while, it was a long cold road to get here. I don't think we could have planned for a better year to take a winter vacation.
We will have a full day + in Miami before we leave on the cruise and look forward to a half day tour of the Everglades. Taylor keeps saying he wants to buy something in Miami...this city has some real intrigue to him. Knowing my boy, he'll want to buy something in every port! he definitely gets that trait from him Mother!
I look forward to some of the photography & scrap booking activities that I have planned with a group we'll travel with, but truly look forward to some fun with Bill & Taylor. I hope Bill is able to "turn work off" for the week and just CHILL!
We'll keep you posted.....HUGZ!

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