Mar 26, 2009

New Computer....

So after my cruise I downloaded my !hundreds! of pictures and my computer was not happy! It was taking so long to open, view and do very basic editing! I knew this day was coming as the computer had been pretty slow! as of late! Bill was kind to agree to getting a new one a few months earlier than we had planned, so off to Costco we went. I love getting things at Costco if they have what I want (usually NOT a problem). They have such a hassle free returns policy, if the need arises and they are great at given money back for coupons that come out after a purchase has been made!
We ended up getting a nice laptop with lots of memory, speed and a great screen for working with my pictures and scrapbooking stuff! After what seemed like forever, I think I have everything setup and loaded for my needs. I have started to remove programs and files from my old computer, so it too is happy! I will keep our business stuff on the old one and some other programs I use not so often. I am hoping to keep this one running fast for a very long time! No more storing photos on my hard drive...they are now all on an external hard drive...happily waiting to be opened and used on an upcoming scrapbook page or shared with family and friends on SmugMug (my new favorite place to share photos!).
Happy Day to All!

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