Jun 4, 2009

The Tides Have Changed....

After a full month of nothing but losses, our team "SWARM" has a changed mindset since last weeks tournament. They had their first TIE and WIN! I don't know who was more excited, the kids, the coach or the parents. Regardless of who you were...it just felt good!
One of the changes made to the team was that Taylor went into net to cover for Ty while he re cooperated from a kick to the shin...Guess what?? Taylor was pretty darn good! I was very surprised! Taylor has never played Keeper and has never mentioned wanting to play keeper...he is now one of the teams keepers!
Taylor and Ty have both spent time in net since the weekend and it works really well. They both have their strengths in the net and on the field! This has been a really exciting change to watch, though I must say as a parent it is more stressful watching Taylor play keeper. Any goals scored on him he takes very personally!
I'm so pleased that our team has this renewed sense of purpose! You can see it in their approach to the games since they are no longer 100% defeated! And although they have all been good sports about their many losses....it's so much more fun to WIN a few games! Way to go SWARM!

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