Jun 12, 2009

Close Up & Macro Photography

So here are a few pictures I took last week on a field trip with our macro class, to Wagner Bog. We have been practices our techniques each week and so much has been trial and error. Depth of field is so shallow at these distances it's hard to get everything in focus. I Think these are my best of the week...so I'll share them with you! Tomorrow is our last Saturday morning class, and we'll review and critique lots of pictures. This class has made me more aware of aspects of close up and macro photography but has also been some what disappointing. I don't feel we spent enough time on technical aspects of this style of photography. That being said I often spend more time taking pictures after the fact and things some times come together then. We'll just have to wait and see! One thing I do know...this kind of close up view can be addictive!

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