Jun 19, 2009

Life of Riley!

Whoever coined the phrase, "Life of Riley", has yet to meet Bella Latte Claws! These were taken this afternoon after a hard morning chewing her bone and playing in the back yard!
As you can tell, she's extremely comfortable in her surroundings and has made herself quite at home in her one and a half years under our roof. Some would call her a "Lab Dog", we think she's a "Lap Dog"!
Despite a few shortcomings, she has made her way into our hearts. We have a few social etiquettes yet to break..i.e....jumping frantically on anyone with a ball thrower (this is NOT a good trait!) and finding an inside voice when she thinks it's time to play! Fortunately, she is darn cute...so that will buy her some time until we get a handle on a few issues. Soon we may have to call in Ceasar the Dog Whisperer!

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