Aug 17, 2009

Catching Up!

So today is August 17th, 2009. Just over a month and a half since I last updated my blog! does life whiz by like this?

Anyway we have returned from a great trip to Nova Scotia and I now have the daunting task to go through my hundreds of photos to narrow them down to the best ones. I have gotten over the "I can't delete any pictures ever" attitude and try to only save pictures that have real special meaning to me or ones I am willing to share with other for what ever the reason! I will soon start to share some here and on my Smug Mug site.

Taylor is back to school in two weeks. This year they start on August 31st, just seems wrong! To me it seems like they are being shorted a week of an all ready too short, Alberta summer. ARGHH! We have started to pick up a few school supplies & he got his hair cut and highlighted today! Next Friday we have a date to go clothes shopping...he is in desperate need of some jeans...all of his have holes in the knees! Aren't kids supposed to grow out of that phase? His big ol' feet won't stop growing either so sneakers are also on that list!

So, it's past my bedtime again! I'll say good night to you all and I'll be back here soon!

PS...aren't my nephews and Taylor too cute for words!

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Connie Nichol said...

can't wait to see your photos! Paring them down is always so hard!!