Jun 28, 2009

Point Of View

After so many attempts to get outside and battle the crazy wind that seems to be our new norm!
I finally decided to bring an IRIS indoors to practice some macro photography.
In my quest to learn all I can about taking pictures, POINT OF VIEW, comes up
all the time
whether you are taking portraits, landscape, macro, etc...
Point of view involves moving around your subject, looking up, looking down, looking in...trying lots of different angles to try to get something unique and pleasing.
After several attempts at different angles and trying to "break" the wind! I choose another option I learned.
If you the photographer can't move around to find a pleasing shot , do one of two things!
Move your subject! Or move along!
In this instance I chose to move my subject indoors and not battle the wind!
I think it was a good choice!

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