Dec 27, 2009


Well Christmas 2009 has officially come and gone. Hard to believe, but true! We had a wonderful day...quiet morning at home opening gifts and talking with family in Ontario and Nova Scotia. We headed over to the Exell's for an awesome Christmas dinner and a few games on their Wii system. I need much more practice before I should play again in public! Fortunately, Taylor got a Wii system from Santa this year...maybe I can practice in private! Any newbies on board?

Bill and I did not exchange anything too fancy as we just recently purchased a new TV and stand! We finally had to get rid of our big "klunker" from Indonesia as the teak was drying out and cracking. Actually was nice to open up that corner of the family room and move some furniture around!

I am back to work on Monday, and lucky for Bill and Taylor, they have next week off. Guess the will be my "kept men"! If I'm lucky I'll have dinner made those nights I work??? Time will tell!

Wishing lots of HaPpInEsS to everyone for our coming New Year...2010! HUGS to all!

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