Jan 22, 2010

Another surgery down...

So this was Taylor's space at the Royal Alex hospital this past Wednesday. We had an early start to our day, as we had to arrive for 6:00am! This was Taylor's 5th surgery for tubes to be placed, we had hoped by this age he would have outgrown needing tubes! This time we only needed to redo the right ear, but we opted to remove the adenoids as well in the hopes that it might help resolve the ongoing issue of fluid building up in his ear. I guess only time will let us know if this was a good decision or not.

Taylor was a trooper through it all, though very nervous about having a needle for the IV. We/he had a wonderful anesthesiologist who used the gas mask to put him out before doing the IV! This relieved much stress for my brave guy! I also got to go into the OR with him as they put him to sleep! Although I always stay brave for him during the surgery, it's never fun to see your son in such stress, and there is always that little window of what if...

Today he is definitely feeling himself again. We let him stay home from school again and he is now well rested. Will be off of hockey until early/mid next week and back to school on Monday!

Here's to better hearing!

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