Sep 7, 2011


Well we are back from our holidays in Nova Scotia and have quickly resumed our routines! How does that transition happen so fast?

Taylor has started grade 11 this year and (so far!) seems to be happy with his courses and teachers. As the semester progresses we'll get a better feel of things. I am hopeful that he stays focused in an effort to improve his marks from last year

Bill is off to Winnipeg today for a quick overnight work trip. I am off today and have managed to get lots of paperwork updated and bills paid this morning. I will not feel any guilt this afternoon when enjoying what is shaping up to be another gorgeous day!

September weather is the best! The days have the potential to be warm and sunny, but the nights cool off so sleeping is so comfy! Sadly, it is what follows autumn that sends my head spinning! Today is supposed to reach 30C and the rest of the week is hot and sunny! Bring it on!

I have been slowing working away at going through my many pictures taken while in Nova Scotia. It takes so much time to weed through the best ones and get them ready to print, share, store. Fortunately it is a labour of love! Here are a few that I have uploaded to my SmugMug account:

preserves in the Tangled Garden, Grand Pre

gorgeous barrels of flowers at the Tangled Garden, Grand Pre

sunset at Black Rock Lighthouse

hummingbirds at our neighbours

I have so many more to go through and that means more to share. Hope everyone enjoys a fabulous day!

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