Nov 13, 2011


So here I am again, sitting and trying to put some words to "paper" [so to speak]. I tried to update my blog yesterday a few times but always got interrupted or pulled in another direction, this is lovingly known as "squirlling' by my wonderful friend Cathie Allan! She has adopted this saying from a movie [can't remember the name] and has declared it a verb...I love it! I live it! You should take the time to check out her blog, she is an amazing teacher and artist with paper and ink!

Life has been very crazy for us the past few weeks! Taylor schedule is very busy with hockey, tutoring, drums and work...Bill and I do a lot of chauffeuring from one activity to another. It makes for some crazy nights and a welcome bed at the end of our day! This week we had a bit of a reprieve as Taylor sprained his ankle and was off hockey for the week, this plus a week off school for Fall break lightened our schedule and put a bit of calm into our week! Back to hockey tonight and 2 games early in the week!

We were blessed [ I use the term loosely] with our first snow on Friday night! Not a huge amount, but enough to blanket the ground and stay there. The temperatures will keep it there for a while now. I know at some level I shouldn't complain, we live in Alberta and have had snow and cold temperatures way earlier than this...BUT I have just loved the gorgeous autumn we have had and wish it could stay longer! In my next life I think I will try to come back as someone who LOVES winter...not happening in this life! I will, however; try to make the best of it when I can and get out for walks with the dogs and wait for gorgeous hoar frosts...there are moments that can be breathtaking...too bad they involve COLD! That being said my boots are ready to work for me, my down coat has been brought up from the basement and the gloves...well they have already been put to use! Bring it on and lets move forward to Spring!

For the love of dogs!
With all our running around I have had little time for "play". I did get some Christmas cards made during a weekend away in Pigeon Lake with some wonderful friends, and finished up on a scrapbook page that was taking too long to complete. I am working on an advent project for Christmas right now, and will show it when it's will be fun! So, I guess some things are getting done!

Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine has their November sketch up, so I am hopeful I will find time this month to work with it: I really like it!
November's Sketchy Challenge!

So, on with my day I must go! Taylor was up early for work and I suspect Bill went to the gym after dropping him off [he's not home yet...good assumption!]. I have lots of little things to get done today to help make our week flow a little smoother. I'll get to the bottom of the laundry hamper [hopefully!] and maybe get something into the slow cooker for tomorrow. In an ideal world I'll get out with the dogs for a walk as well, but not right now...the wind is blowing, it's snowing, grey and looks awfully cold! Bella may just have to play indoors with her new favourite toy!

Bella giving her new toy some lovins!

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Connie Nichol said...

the movie is "Up"! You must see it, it's marvelous!!!