Jan 12, 2012

January 12, 2012!

Hello 2012! And look, you're already almost half way through your first month! Go figure, looks as if we are all back on the roller coaster of life! Here's to a good ride this year!

Bill, Taylor and I are all back into our normal routines again. Taylor's will shortly change as he has exams soon and then will start a new semester of subjects! I always remember liking that change in a semester system, a sense of renewal always seems to feel good! I think as individuals we love the "illusion" of new beginnings, new ideals, new motivation...I know I do!

Bill will resume the next level in his Spanish classes this month as well as test his ability with the keyboard! Taylor and I bought him 4 private piano lessons and surprised him with a keyboard to bring home at his first lesson! He is the toughest person to buy for as "practical" is his middle name. He never wants for anything, so I think we pulled the wool over his eyes on this one! Next Christmas we expect him to play us some Christmas carols!
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Mexican Mariachi Christmas Band

We broke from tradition this Christmas and spent a wonderful week in Mexico at the Mayan Palace! It was a perfect balance of lounging around the pool, getting out to see some sights and taking in a bit of Mexican food and culture! Bill did a great job at putting his Spanish skills to work, while I worked my new camera to record the memories! Now the process of going through all those pictures is a task on my never ending to-do list! Fortunately it's a labour of love!
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Mayan Palace pools were amazing to say the least!

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Chips, salsa & margaritas
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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I look forward to whatever 2012 wants to share. It will continue to involve coffee with friends, scrapbooking retreats, Taylor's sporting events, work, a trip to Nova Scotia in the summer, good wine and who knows what else! My goal for 2012 is to Move More & Eat Well...no more dieting! I will share this year long goal with a group of like minded people online at Big Picture Classes...our Motivator in Command is Cathy Zielske - a breath of fresh air!

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